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Growing in our gardens since 1995.


Heirloom Iris, Mrs. Andrist

Bright white standards above white falls heavily overlaid and reticulated purple. Golden-yellow beard.



Full sun. Do not over water. Can rot in consistently soggy soil. 18-24 in. Blooms mid-season (mid-late June) Divide every 3 years. Multiplies rapidly. Beautiful, strong scent. Plant near open windows or seating.


Plant iris in shallow circles with the rhizome pointed inward, fan out. Use uneven numbers (3-5-7-9) in each circle for a natural look. As they establish, the rhisome will poke out from the earth. Do not bury it. The rhisome needs direct sun to produce blooms. If using winter mulch, pull the mulch OFF in spring.


Iris, Mrs. Andrist

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Iris are sold as bare rhisomes in bags, and should be planted within 7-10 days of pick up. Until planting, store by removing from bags and placing in a shady dry spot.